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This item is from Phil Tuckett’s personal collection.  It took several decades within his career to amass these rare collectibles at events. The highlight is that it includes autographs of the most prominent entertainers, historical figures, and sports players Tuckett met along the way.

Nicknamed “L.T.”, Lawrence Taylor is an American former professional football player who spent his entire career as an outside linebacker for the New York Giants (1981–1993) in the National Football League (NFL). Taylor is widely regarded as one of the greatest linebackers and one of the greatest defensive players of all time. He played college football at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is also widely regarded as one of the greatest college football players ever.

Presented from Tuckett’s collection is a New York Giants Cosby jersey representing Lawrence Taylor. These type of jerseys from Tuckett’s collection were worn or used during NFL film broadcasting and interviews. To capture the video realism they are authentic to the style that players wore on the field. Although unbranded price stickers/Cosby identifiers are still affixed. All of the identifiers are screened on. There’s no size label.

Phil Tuckett suited up for a single game for the San Diego Chargers in 1968, and his time as a professional football player consisted of a year-and-a-half spent mostly on the Chargers practice squad. One might surmise that Tuckett’s contribution to professional football was minimal, and they would be correct, until taking into consideration that after retiring as a player Tuckett spent the next 38 years working for NFL films. Tuckett won 30 individual Emmy Awards in 30 years while with NFL films documenting the NFL. Of particular note, Tuckett worked directly with Ed Sabol, the man who started and was a huge part of  NFL Films. 

Lawrence Taylor Authentic Jersey Giants

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