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Standards and Criteria

100% Guarantee.  We will issue refunds on items that have been found to be fraudulent, or unauthentic by a Legal Authority.  We are here to offer Customer Service to our clients and returns will be accepted under certain conditions which will be determined by the company.  In our  years of experience we have not had any issues.  Items are sold with the Letter of Authenticity as described and items will not be refunded due to differing Authenticators and Authentication  opinions.

We are the Memorabilia Experts and part of our services includes authenticating the  collectibles and memorabilia that is sold through our marketplace as well as, utilizing third party authentication services.  Various consultants around the world that have knowledge and education in determining the authenticity of jerseys, bats, gloves, shoes and equipment are consulted to assist in formulating our opinions.  Our are opinions are based on the following criteria: Provenance, Tagging, Player Specification Accuracy, and Use.

Do you know who is authenticating your memorabilia? Wouldn’t your rather have former Equipment Managers, and Experts who have handled and dealt with equipment all their life or careers,  authenticating your jerseys, your prized collection? It’s the opinion we trust. Let me introduce you to our 100% Authentic Team of consultants which have years of experience.   They have handled professional equipment and jerseys and have vast knowledge of tagging and nuances of game worn jersey’s traits.
This is our team that we put together since 1999.  We chose these people to get the most honest opinions, unbiased evaluations, to issue our opinions on our Authentication Letters.

Each items data, photo specifications and ID number has been stored so we can verify the validity of the certs issued with each item. You can visit any one of our sites to find out if this has been authenticated by us.  Visit 100percentauthentic.com, BidAMI. com or our most recent site Memorabilia.Expert .

If you have any questions you can Chat with an Expert on our live chat at Memorabilia.Expert or email us at BidBuyAMI@gmail.com.  Feel confident and safe with the 100% Authentic Team Certificate of Authenticity.

Our extensive database includes 1,000’s of photographs, videos, books and programs of correct tagging and player specifications that we have obtained throughout the years.  We are consistently working  with players, equipment managers, agents and teams to gain knowledge of game-used equipment and gear.  Our comparisons and research is of the highest standards and remain unbiased.  We have used the “100% Authentic Team” seal of approval for our letters of authenticity.

We accept and use the following companies and authenticators.

BidAMI.com LLC or 100PercentAuthentic.com authentication involves individual judgment that is subjective requiring the exercise of professional opinions.  These professional opinions include the above mentioned companies.

Therefore, no warranty or representation is made and BidAMI.com LLC or 100PercentAuthentic.com company shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for the opinion rendered.


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