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“Laura” Script 1944 Copy For Jerry Lewis COA Provenance


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This item is coming to you directly from the estate of Jerry Lewis’ Personal Assistant, Penny Rice.  For over 40 years, she tended to all of Jerry Lewis’ needs.  Finally, she severed ties with Jerry Lewis, and with that, she retained many of her and Jerry’s personal letters, audio tapes, jewelry, books, scripts, and photos.  These items have never been offered on the market but have been kept in the personal collection of Penny Rice for all these years.  Penny Rice passed away, and her daughter had a caretaker.  He helped Penny’s daughter move to Ohio, and she left all the Jerry Lewis Estate to the caretaker.

This is a copy of the 1944 Jay Dratler Script that Jerry requested from Dratler.  Kindly, it was copied for him.. Laura was markered on the front of the script.  Jerry Lewis used this script to help him write and create his own productions.  Jerry touched, read, and used this script for his own inspirations.

Authentication:  Provenance Jerry Lewis Estate



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